Authentic Advocacy: How Five Leading Companies are Redefining Stakeholder Engagement

Authentic Advocacy offers an in-depth look at how stakeholder engagement strategies are evolving and how CCOs can best undertake them within their enterprise. It includes compelling findings about the nature of stakeholder engagement in today's environment, learned through interviews conducted with five leading companies – Cargill, Chevron, Lundbeck, Southwest Airlines and USAA, and offers seven action steps for CCOs to consider when devising their approach to building and maintaining these critical stakeholder relationships.

The Building Belief report, published in 2012, introduced a New Model describing how enterprises can create advocacy among their organization's key stakeholders. In 2013, we addressed the Corporate Character aspect of the model in a report that encouraged CCOs to use their organization's beliefs, values, purpose and actions to clearly define and activate a character that permeates the operations of the enterprise. Authentic Advocacy continues that work, lending new insight into how the New Model applies in today's environment in terms of generating advocacy among stakeholders and moving them to action.

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