Member Dues

The Arthur W. Page Society is funded through a combination of annual member dues, conference fees and member sponsorships. Dues vary depending on a member's category of membership as well as the country in which they, rather than their companies, are based.

Standard member dues are as follows (U.S. dollars):

Corporate & Agency: $2,495
Non-Profit & Government: $995
Educator: $595
Retired: $995

A 5% late fee will be applied to renewals received after April 1 st, with an additional 5% added on June 1st, August 1st and October 1st.

Global Member Dues
As we have grown internationally it has become apparent that corporate and agency dues rates can be a barrier to entry for many prospective members in non-U.S. countries, especially where the Page member value proposition is less developed and/or the relative purchasing power of currency is lower. While we will continue to expand our membership and range of activities outside the U.S., we must be considerate of the financial circumstances in different regions.

The Page Society uses a formula that adjusts dues rates for members outside of the U.S. based on the following factors:

1. Local Page Presence: Some regions lack the variety and number of activities to which U.S. members have greater access, which diminishes some of the value of membership in these locations.

2. Local Cost of Talent & Development Programs: In markets where the cost of services in local currency is are considerably below the cost in dollars in the U.S., Page membership dues appear to be relatively more expensive.

3. Distance to U.S.: Page's largest and most valuable programs – the Annual Conference and the Spring Seminar – are usually held in the U.S., making participation by non-U.S. members more expensive due to greater travel time and costs.

Adjusting dues based on these criteria will enable more members outside of the U.S. to join, remain and be active participants in Page, which expands the professional network and range of perspectives from which all members benefit. Here's how it works.

Each of the three factors listed above has the potential to affect one-third (33%) of a member's annual dues, and will do so on the basis of a "multiplier" that assesses the degree to which that factor applies to a given region. The multiplier determines what proportion of that one-third share of their dues the member will pay.

Local Page Presence Local Costs Distance to U.S. Multiplier
Critical mass of members & programs

On par with U.S. Close to U.S. 100%
Emerging critical mass
(2-3 events per year)

Somewhat lower than U.S. Some distance
(potential overseas travel)
Nascent Page presence Lower than U.S. Greater distance with overseas travel
(longer flight)

Non-existent Page presence Significantly lower than U.S.
(e.g. developing country)
Great distance with significant overseas travel and/or expensive and indirect flights 50%

Here's an example. If a corporate member is based in a region with a nascent Page presence (65% multiplier) where local costs are only somewhat lower than the U.S. (85% multiplier) but is a great distance from the U.S. (50% multiplier), their dues would be calculated as follows:

Standard Dues = $2,495
One-third portion potentially affected by each factor: $2,495 / 3 = $831.67
Page presence: $831.67 x 65% = $540.58
Local costs: $831.67 x 85% = $706.91
Distance to U.S.: $831.67 x 50% = $415.84
Total Adjusted Dues: $540.58 + $706.91 + $415.84 = $1,663.33

Dues rates are then rounded up or down to multiples of $50. So in this example, the dues would be $1,700.

Dues Rates by Region
For the purposes of dues adjustment, countries are grouped into the following regions. Here are the adjusted dues for corporate and agency members in each region:

Region Local Market Multiplier Local Cost Multiplier Distance to U.S. Multiplier Formula Amount Amount Paid (Rounded)
Asia: India 50% 50% 50% $ 1,247.50 $ 1,250.00
Asia: Other 65% 65% 50% $ 1,497.00 $ 1,500.00
Australia/NZ 85% 85% 50% $ 1,829.67 $ 1,800.00
Canada 85% 100% 100% $ 2,370.25 $ 2,400.00
Europe 85% 100% 85% $ 2,245.50 $ 2,250.00
Latin America 50% 65% 85% $ 1,663.33 $ 1,700.00
Middle East/Africa 50% 100% 65% $ 1,788.08 $ 1,800.00