Page Society Awards Criteria

Hall of Fame

The Page Society Hall of Fame induction is the Arthur W. Page Society's highest recognition, honoring men and women whose esteemed careers have taken them to the summit of the public relations field. The winners are recognized as "giants" in the profession.

Hall of Fame induction honors a leading senior level practitioner for career achievement and outstanding contributions to the public relations profession. Inductees have either had a significant career in the corporate world or done something significant that aided those who practice in the corporate discipline. Their accomplishments include major contributions to the profession, a strong commitment to the Page Principles and a career filled with recognition by their peers.

There are many important criteria used to choose the next Hall of Fame inductee, but one is of utmost importance. The Hall of Fame winner must have demonstrated commitment to the Page Principles throughout his or her career, thereby affirming the role of the CCO through effective practice and example as exemplified by:

  • Serving as an engaged member of senior management
  • Influencing his or her organization to act in the public interest
  • Enhancing the reputation of his or her organization
  • Making major contributions to the profession through significant participation in professional organizations, and/or by writing, speaking or teaching
  • Gaining recognition by peers as an influential leader; being honored with other major professional awards and honors
  • Holding significant leadership roles in major community organizations

Nominees for this recognition should have a minimum of 15 years in a senior level public relations position for corporations or agencies in the U.S. or internationally. They should also be persons who, by practicing the Page Principles, have had a significant positive influence on the business he or she is/was serving and without question was able to advise or influence the CEO and other C-Suite executives about both public relations and business issues.

Nomination Form

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award honors an individual who has helped strengthen the role of public relations by devoting themselves to services that help build and nurture the profession. They may have championed the merits of public relations; written articles and/or books; conducted opinion research; developed educational programs; and worked with students, professional groups and community groups. The Distinguished Service Award winner is a leader whose counsel is sought by others, who gives selflessly of their time and talent, and who possesses a distinguished record of service to the profession in leadership roles in professional organizations, teaching, strengthening curricula and advising students, public speaking, advising community groups and/or chief public relations officers and senior business executives.

Examples of service that might qualify:

  • A frequent contributor of articles or books that strengthen the professionalism of public relations, or point the way to new, creative approaches
  • A history of service to public relations organizations at the local, state or national level
  • Working with students to provide inspiration and direction (mentoring, internships)
  • Offering support to teachers and faculty to strengthen public relations curricula in our schools and colleges