Categories of Membership


A Corporate member must hold the top corporate communications position and have broad responsibilities with a company that generates at least $2 billion in annual revenue. Nominees from companies with less than $2 billion in revenue may qualify for membership based on an exception.

High-Growth Industries
To qualify for this exception, the company must have a) importance to the economy in creating new approaches and new business opportunities, possibly disrupting existing business models; b) a significant communications executive with broad responsibilities, who is dealing with complex issues similar to those facing CCOs of standard eligible companies; and c) a market value equal to or greater than that of the average $2 billion revenue company, which is currently about $2 billion.

No other exception criteria currently exist. However, the Board of Trustees may make exceptions to company revenue on a case-by-case basis.


Public Relations Agency/Advisory Firm

An Agency member must be the CEO of an agency with annual fee revenue of at least $5 million for the previous five years and be recognized as providing substantial strategic counsel to the C-Suite of major corporations, particularly Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies. If part of a holding or parent company, the agency must compete as a distinct brand and have its own discrete management structure with clear responsibility for that agency and its brand. The CEO must be accountable for delivering financial performance consistent with the $5 million requirement. Also considered for membership will be appropriate management at the holding company level.

Advisory firm members must:

  • Be the CEO of an advisory or consultancy firm, or the senior managing executive of a division of a large general consulting firm (outside the public relations category), whose practice specializes in one or more of the following areas: Reputation Management or Reputation Risk Management; Communications Research, Measurement and Evaluation; Political, Public Affairs or Legal Issues; Data Analytics; Social Media; Content Creation; Change Management (with a focus on corporate character, values and culture); Corporate Citizenship or CSR; Crisis Management; Mergers & Acquisitions or Shareholder Activism.
  • Be recognized as providing substantial strategic counsel to CCOs of major corporations, particularly with Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies, at the C-Suite level; and
  • The advisory firm or division (not including divisions of traditional PR agencies) must have annual fees of at least $5 million per year with the organization having been at that level for a minimum of five years.
  • Preference will be given to candidates considered to be thought leaders in corporate communications as evidenced by activities such as leadership responsibility in organizations in the public relations or other industries, published articles, speeches at important forums, and general contributions to our industry. 



An Educator member must:

  • Be employed in a full-time public relations or corporate communications teaching position at an accredited institute of higher learning;
  • Be regarded as a thought leader in public relations or corporate communications based upon a substantial body of work that has made a significant contribution to the profession;
  • Possess an earned doctoral degree; and
  • Be engaged in the profession outside of the academic environment.



Non-Profit and Government members must hold the top communication position in their organization and have broad responsibilities, as well as meet the following criteria:

  • The individual has significant professional communications experience;
  • The organization is considered a leader in its area of expertise;
  • The organization has a track record of constructive relationships with corporations; and
  • The organization adheres to the Page Principles.

The member's organization must also meet the following financial criteria:

  • National Associations - Annual budget of at least $85 million
  • Public Charities - Annual revenue of at least $750 million
  • Private Foundations & Research Universities - Financial assets of at least $2 billion
  • Government Agencies - Annual budget of at least $15 billion

Nonprofit Healthcare Institution: Candidates from non-profit health service providers whose primary source of revenue is fee-for-service will be considered under the corporate membership category and will be subject to corporate membership dues. Those whose primary source of revenue is philanthropic contributions will be considered under the nonprofit category and will be subject to nonprofit membership dues.


Executive Search Practitioner

Executive Search Practitioner members must:

  • Be a recognized leader of a full-time global communications search practice; 
  • Have a professional background in corporate communications; 
  • Be engaged in executive searches at the highest level (leading CCO searches) and have an extensive record of recruiting CCOs; and  Be in, of, and supporting the development of the field of corporate communications through research and active leadership of and participation in industry events.



This category is reserved for members who are no longer actively practicing in the profession. Retired members will be those who self-declare as retired and will be listed in our online member and print directory as retired.

Page Honoree

Individuals, who because of their contributions to the practice of public relations, have been elected by unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees to be inducted into the Society's Hall of Fame or receive the Distinguished Service Award. Page Honorees receive complimentary membership.

We are Growing Globally

While the Society's current membership is largely North American, many corporate communicators who are based outside the U.S. are active in the Society and we actively encourage others to consider participation. Wherever they are situated, Society members have access to full membership benefits – from conference and committee participation to networking with others in the Society.

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