About the Arthur W. Page Society

The Arthur W. Page Society is the world's leading professional association for senior public relations and corporate communications executives and educators who seek to enrich and strengthen their profession.

Our membership consists primarily of chief communications officers (CCOs) of Fortune 500 corporations and leading non-profit organizations, the CEOs of the world's foremost public relations agencies, and academics from top business and communications schools who have distinguished themselves teaching and/or studying corporate communications. The Page Society has strict membership criteria that ensure it remains an exclusive assembly of the very best and brightest of the profession.

Since its founding in 1983, the Page Society has brought together senior communications leaders from different industries who are interested in helping each other become more effective in their role and perpetuating high professional standards – which have been codified in the eponymous "Page Principles."

Page Vision, Mission & Philosophy

Background & History

The Page Society and its guiding set of principles are named in honor of Arthur W. Page, who served as vice president of public relations for the American Telephone and Telegraph Company from 1927 to 1946. Page was the first public relations executive to serve as an officer and member of the Board of Directors of a major public corporation. He, more than any other individual, laid the foundation for the field of corporate public relations and demonstrated its strategically vital role within the enterprise. In the decades since, Page has become generally recognized as the dean of public relations and communications.

Historical Perspective