Page Up

Page Up is a membership organization for senior communications executives who report to Page Society members. Founded in 2013, already more than 180 members participate in this program.

For questions about Page Up, please contact Dan Strouhal at or 212-400-7959 x102.

What does this opportunity involve?

Participants have access to in-person events and online engagement opportunities, including:

  • Annual Conference: An annual in-person event in the fall, similar to the Page Annual Conference. (View the 2017 Annual Conference agenda)
  • Spring Seminar: Page Up members are invited to attend the Page Society's annual Spring Seminar event.
  • Website and Member Directory: This will be a socially-enabled community. Page Up has its own website and a separate membership directory.
  • Webinars and Teleconferences on a variety of topics.

In addition, Page Up members may take on leadership roles on committees that lead the Page Up organization such as the Membership Committee and Member Engagement Committee.

The annual membership dues for participation are $2,500 per person for corporate or agency members, $595 for educators and $995 for nonprofit/government members. Membership runs through the end of the calendar year. Annual dues cover membership, online participation and webinar/teleconference events.

There will be additional fees for most in-person events, such as attendance at the Page Society Spring Seminar or Page Up Annual Conference, which is a separate event from the Page Society Annual Conference.

Who is eligible to participate?

Page members can nominate up to three senior staff (larger organizations have the opportunity to nominate additional participants). The full list of corporate, agency, academic and NGO/government criteria are available on the Page Up website. In general,

  • Nominees should have the realistic potential to advance to a Page member-qualifying role.
  • They should be considered corporate communications experts and may have demonstrated thought leadership in the profession.
  • No years of experience requirement, but it is expected that preference will be given to senior leaders, generally with more than 15 years in the profession.

Nominations are evaluated by the Page Up Membership Committee and are subject to approval by the Page Society Board of Trustees. Participants must be re-nominated every other year by their Page Society member.