October 4, 2017 • Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Insight Forum

HOST: Lars Goran Johansson of Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

At a time of rapid and dramatic change that is challenging businesses and corporate communicators to think differently about how to build and defend brand and reputation, we will spend a full day in deep discussion of The Changing Role of the Global CCOWe will discuss those trends, as well as the Page Model and the Page New CCO report, which describe important changes in the ways that CCOs can add value to their enterprises. Leading members of Page, including former GE chief communications officer Gary Sheffer, Text 100 CEO Aedhmar Hynes and Arrow Electronics CCO Rich Kylberg, will address the theme.

Pre-event Dinner (optional): 3 October, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise offices