Michael Miller's hallmark of success is his ability to act as a positive agent of change by breaking through barriers to gain momentum for companies facing intense competitive and organizational challenges. During nearly two decades as Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel for global leaders Monster Worldwide and Symbol Technologies, he has executed upon significant change initiatives related to corporate governance, organizational optimization, business transformation, and positioning businesses for acquisition.

His most recent success story spanned nine years of intense efforts as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Monster Worldwide and culminated in the acquisition by Randstad. He collaborated with senior management, advised the Board, led the global legal team, and helped to revamp the company culture from a transactional to solution sale focused organization, participated in the development and launch of new technology product offerings to transform the Monster brand and generate new revenues, and created an acquisition-attractive entity.

In addition, he led Monster's corporate development efforts pursuing new business opportunities in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Monster acquired several small technology companies critical to the success of its transformational strategy, shed numerous non-core assets, and exited adjacent business ventures. In early 2016, Michael negotiated a promising joint venture with a subsidiary of the leading European career-related social networking site and was appointed to the joint venture's advisory Board.

As Monster's business evolved, Michael helped to engineer sweeping changes within the company to further increase its capabilities. He oversaw a complete overhaul of the executive compensation program and resolved lingering governance issues. Michael formulated and led shareholder outreach programs that influenced shareholder sentiment and secured a majority of affirmative votes in support of the Board and management. He successfully advised management and the Board on fending off efforts of an activist shareholder that threatened approval of the Randstad transaction. Ultimately, the acquisition of Monster by Randstad was approved by a majority of its shareholders.

Prior to Monster, Michael was instrumental in the successful acquisition of Symbol Technologies by Motorola. Shortly after joining Symbol as Corporate Counsel, he quickly shifted focus to assist with the remediation of years of financial improprieties that had been discovered. In cooperation with the Board, new management, and the SEC, a financial restatement was executed, accounting operations stabilized, and industry credibility restored—a transformation that spiked strategic interest in Symbol and ultimately resulted in its acquisition by Motorola.

Michael began his legal career as an M&A Associate at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP and a Corporate & Capital Markets Associate at Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts. Today he is active in civic organizations in the New York City area and a Board member of ACDS, Inc. (a not-for-profit lifetime services provider to individuals with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities). Michael earned his BA from the College of the Holy Cross (1994), Juris Doctor from Hofstra University School of Law (1997), and his MBA from Long Island University-C.W. Post (2007).