Chris Langdon is co-author of the 'Thinking the Unthinkable' study with Nik Gowing, currently focusing on how leaders manage in an era of extraordinary uncertainty. Our focus is on culture, behavior and mindset.  He is the Founder-Director of Reconciliation through Film, being established as a non-profit exploring the creative use of communications to assist conflict resolution.

Chris was Managing Director of the Oxford Research Group (ORG) from 2010-2014, a London based center focusing on conflict resolution and global security policy.  Chris has also worked extensively on questions of domestic political change in Europe with a special focus on the Western Balkans. He directed the Communicating Europe project for the European Stability Initiative from 2007-2010. As Associate Director of the Wilton Park Centre from 1997- 2008 he chaired over 50 international conferences and workshops mainly focusing on South East Europe. He directed two documentaries: Bosnia Story and Mitrovica, Chronicle of A Death Foretold? They are the precursors of the reconciliation through film approach, using documentary films to open-up conversations on complex issues. His previous, TV career includes:

Europe Editor for the launch of APTV (1994-1996), BBC Senior Foreign Affairs Producer, and BBC Eastern Europe producer during the fall of communism. He was a researcher on the Weekend World interview program from 1980.  His TV career started as a News Trainee at ITN in 1978. He joined straight from Oxford University. He studied geography which left him with an intense curiosity on international issues.