April 7-8, 2016 • Conrad, New York
31st Annual Spring Seminar

The Millennial generation is uniquely important to today's enterprises. Now outnumbering Boomers in the U.S and with the oldest of them in their mid-30s, this cohort is increasingly exerting influence as consumers, employees and citizens. They are highly tech-savvy, with many never knowing a world without the internet. They are highly entrepreneurial, launching 160,000 startups monthly. As consumers, they will have more purchasing power than any other generation, and they greatly value a company's social purpose and responsibility in decisions about where they work and what they buy. As CCOs define the Corporate Character around which the Page Model revolves, delivering a values-based social purpose that permeates the enterprise is becoming even more essential to a generation that cares deeply about the role of a business in society.

With Boomers eyeing retirement, enterprises need to think now about Millennials as business leaders, customers, coworkers and activists. To be successful, CCOs must be able to explain what makes this massive generation unique, why, and what the implications are for future success. The Page Society's work in describing how the CCO is evolving will be front and center as members discuss the tremendous impact that Millennials are having on how organizations craft their communications, marketing and business strategies. At the 2016 Page Society Spring Seminar, experts and colleagues shared powerful insights into what CCOs need to know about engaging with a generation that was "born digital."

Thank You to Our Spring Seminar Sponsors

The 1983 Circle ($20,000+)
Richard Edelman, Edelman
Jon & Ann Iwata
Bill Nielson
Dave Samson, Chevron
VSA Partners
Tim Roberts, Wieck Media

Gold ($10,000 - $14,999)
Vicky Dinges, Allstate Insurance Company
Ellen East, Time Warner Cable
Bill Margaritis, Hilton Worldwide
Kimberley Welch, Valspar Corporation

Silver ($5,000 - $9,999)

Tony Cervone, General Motors Company
Richard Edelman, Edelman
Mark Klein, Dignity Health
Suzanne McCarron, Exxon Mobil Corporation
Kathryn Metcalfe, Deloitte Services LP
Jill Saletta, Tesoro
Larry Solomon, AT&T
Jim Weiss, W2O Group

Bronze ($1,000 - $4,999)
Joanne Bischmann, Harley-Davidson
Motor Company
Bronze (cont'd)
Peter Debreceny
Lisa Caputo, Travelers Companies, Inc.
Rob Clark, Medtronic
Barbara Fagan-Smith, ROI Communication
Bob Feldman, Pulsepoint Group
Chuck Greener, Walgreens Company
Jon Harris, ConAgra Foods
Bill Heyman, Heyman Associates
Susan Hoff, Fantesca Estate & Winery
Marci Kaminsky, Grant Thornton LLP
Luke Lambert, G&S Business Communications
Ken Machovsky, Makovsky + Company
Tom & Wanda Martin
Kelli Parsons, New York Life Insurance Company
Andy Polansky, Weber Shandwick
Wendi Strong
Jeff Winton, Astellas
Sally Benjamin Young, Lundbeck, Inc.

Benefactor (Up to $999)
Chris Bona, Ryerson
Bruce Harrison
Bob Grupp, Grupp Global Partners LLC

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