AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework

July 27, 2016, Arthur W. Page Society

The International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) is one of the world's leading authorities on advising communications professionals about the latest thinking and research regarding the measurement of public relations and communications.

Measurement of PR is inherently challenging inasmuch as there are multiple elements, often intangible ones, that should be factored. The AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework provides a valuable tool for structuring the process.

From AMEC:

To prove the value of communication in an age of accountability it is vital to move beyond measuring just the content (or 'media') analysis that largely sufficed for the previous 20 years. Now communication professionals must show the effect that their work has had on the objectives of their respective organisations...

AMEC's integrated evaluation framework provides a consistent and credible approach that works for organisations of all sizes but which can be tailored to very specific user cases and objectives. Anyone can use it, it is free and non-proprietary, allowing any organisation, be it university, in-house department, PR agency, or measurement company to benefit from its approach...

The new AMEC Framework has been deliberately developed as an interactive tool to deliver a step-by-step user process with tool tips for information and follow-on resources for the user. The digital team at LEWIS created the tool as a pro bono initiative on behalf of AMEC.

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