We think Arthur Page would have been a blogger if web 2.0 had been around in his day.
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Is Reporting Reliably Possible in Twitterville?
May, 18, 2016 by Bruce Harrison

Arthur W. Page, corporate communicator at AT&T years ago, consistently practiced the virtues of telling the truth and proving it with action. Now, where everybody has to know, or pretend to know, something about everything all the time, Jim Rutenberg at the New York Times observes that journalists' responsibility for reliable guidance toward truth is slipping.Jim Spangler, chief...

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Vox’s Ezra Klein on Millennials & the Future of Democracy
May, 02, 2016 by Arthur W. Page Society
Ezra Klein, Editor-in-Chief, Vox.com

At this year's Page Society Spring Seminar, Vox.com's editor-in-chief, Ezra Klein, spoke about how millennials are evaluating and shaping the current U.S. political landscape. Comprising the largest group in the country's population, millennials are an integral and progressively influential part of its future. However, Ezra feels it is important to not make sweeping generalizations about an...

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Spring Seminar Day 2 - Engaged, Civic-Minded, Authentic & Looking to the Future - Millennials & Gen Z
April, 08, 2016 by Arthur W. Page Society

Tim Adams from the Institute of International Finance discussed the millennial as an engaged global citizen. Millennials are now 27% of the world's population, and they are leading a transformation in not only how we communicate, but also how we purchase products. They have little loyalty to large legacy institutions – and "71% would actually rather go to the dentist than hear a sales pitch...

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Spring Seminar Day 1: Born Digital – How Millennials are Redefining our Experiences as Consumers, Innovators, Employees and Citizens
April, 07, 2016 by Arthur W. Page Society

Millennials are becoming the business leaders, customers, coworkers and activists of today. In order to be successful, CCOs need to understand the impact that millennials are having so their organizations can effectively engage them in a way that drives business outcomes.The first session, led by Aria Finger, CEO of DoSomething.org, explored The Mind of the Millennial. She gave the audience...

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