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Mar 18

Pick Your Boss Wisely

Roger Bolton

Former IBM and Page Society colleague Bob Waite’s touching tribute to his former boss, Sen. Ed Brooke, R-MA, who passed away recently, got me thinking about the many great bosses I’ve been privileged to serve. Like my friend, Bob, I learned...

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Mar 13

Ketchum and Russia

Roger Bolton

I was glad to see Ketchum’s representation of Russia come to an end, because it seemed clear that the Putin regime was not liberalizing, but actually regressing. I don’t fault Ketchum for taking on the assignment in the first place. In fact, I...

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Feb 17

Tell the Truth

Roger Bolton

This is the first Page Principle: Tell the truth. It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. (I’ve made this point here before.) As Michael Josephson, founder of the Josephson Institute of Ethics and one of the leading ethicists in the world,...

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Jan 22

In Memory of Page Member Tom Kowaleski

Roger Bolton

A dear friend and revered colleague, Tom Kowaleski, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday at the age of 63 when he suffered a heart attack while hiking with his beloved wife, Diane, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tom was truly a leader in the Arthur W. Page...

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Dec 05

A More Global, Diverse Page

Gary Sheffer

When I was elected Chairman of the Arthur W. Page Society last year, many members told me that Page should be more diverse, so that we can benefit from the breadth of knowledge and experiences of our peers from around the world. Member surveys have...

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Oct 30

Communicating Through Change: How Stakeholder Engagement Cleared the Runway for a Merger

Elise Eberwein

Mergers are historically difficult processes because of the negative association with loss. The loss of an entity, the loss of friends, co-workers and even more importantly, the loss of jobs can cast a negative shadow on what is often a necessary...

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