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Navigating the World's Social Geology
October, 19, 2016 by David Samson

There is a saying in the energy business: "It's all about the rocks." In other words, our business is driven by geology — we go to where the resources lie. And depending on where those resources reside in the world, the complexity of the geology can vary greatly. Navigating the geology of the deepwater Gulf of Mexico is more challenging than dealing with the shallow waters of the Gulf of...

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Corporate Communicators Can Help Make the Case for Globalization
October, 17, 2016 by Roger Bolton
The Financial Times’ Martin Wolf (L), Chief Economics Commentator, and Darcy Keller (R), SVP, Communications & Marketing, at the Page Society Annual Conference in London

At the Arthur W. Page Society's Annual Conference in London recently, Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf declared that he thinks the "Western-dominated globalization process is coming to an end." He added that he wasn't sure if it was globalization that was ending, or just the Western leadership of it, but he attributes the change to the collapse of political support for the policies that...

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A Change Would Do You Good
October, 12, 2016 by Roger Bolton

A panel discussion about change at the Page Society's Future Leaders Experience in New York last week got me thinking about how chief communication officers (CCOs) can help their enterprises make the case for change.FLE session convener Wendi Strong, former CCO of USAA, asked if it's better to focus on the negative consequences of failing to change or the positive benefits of changing. The...

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The Greatest and The King: Their lessons for all of us
October, 11, 2016 by Nicholas Ashooh
Photo by Lynne Sladky-Pool/Getty Images

With the recent passing of Arnold Palmer, only a few months after Muhammad Ali departed, we have lost two titans of sports and princes of humanity. They not only dominated their professions, they revolutionized them. And through their success they influenced lives around the world – all for the better. But one can't escape the stark contrast in personality and style between the two: Ali, who...

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