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Jul 02

‘Sunny side greed’? Business is good at general good

Bruce Harrison

It’s almost a ho-hum axiom: social responsibility is a win-win deal. Enterprise interest action can be purposed as social benefit action. That was the case charted in my two books on corporate greening.  My point (way back in the 1990s) was that...

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Jun 16

Isn’t Stakeholder Risk a CCO Responsibility?

Bruce Harrison

Truth and trust.  Two words, Jack Welch told Page members, sum up the role of enterprise leadership communication.  His comment at Page’s 2015 Spring Seminar echoes a post-Depression era speech of Arthur W. Page. The chief communicator of the...

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Jun 15

Coffee & Courage: Starbucks Shows Why Corporate Character Matters

Gary Sheffer

The Page Model tells us that the CCO’s role begins with defining, curating and instilling corporate character – the beliefs, the values, the culture, the purpose and the actions that define an enterprise. At the 2014 Page Society Annual...

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May 19

Does Your Company Live Its Values?

Roger Bolton

There are many reasons companies ignore their own values. Many leaders don’t really believe the stated values and instead live by an unstated set of principles that are much more expedient – often driven by short-term financial gain. Others...

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May 05

The CVS Health Case Study: A Test of Corporate Character

Arthur W. Page Society

The following blog post was authored by Maggie Christ, Renáta Sándor and Andrew Tonne, whose case study was awarded the Jack Koten Page Principles Case Study Award for their entry into the 2015 Case Study Competition in Corporate...

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May 04

Leadership Communications – Exercising Wise Use of Power

Björn Edlund

Recently, I was asked deliver the opening keynote at Eurocomm 2015 in London, a conference organized by the Europe, Middle East and North Africa chapter of the IABC. I talked about leadership communications, starting by stating my belief that, just...

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